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Illumination Machines began in 2005 with a simple vision: blend beauty with unsurpassed innovation and craftsmanship to provide warm-white LED lighting. Light is our tool for clarity, power, and vision. As LED light specialists, we create products so you can experience the true spectrum of rich color, texture, and form that surrounds you. Whether entertaining, serving, or showcasing, our warm-white LED lighting highlights the harmony and quality of your space as they are meant to be seen, so you can focus on what matters most.

Edward Bailey, Chief Executive-image

Edward Bailey, Chief Executive

Edward has worked in LED lighting for over 15 years. He enjoys running, studying history and complex theory.

Stefanie Bailey,  Controller-image

Stefanie Bailey, Controller

In addition to energy efficient lighting, Stefanie is also passionate about water conservation and recycling. She enjoys running, music and gardening.

Mark Lazano, Manufacturing-image

Mark Lazano, Manufacturing

Mark enjoys assembling models, attending the theatre and the opera, and working with computers.