IMAdvance offers a new high luminance technology in which wavelength scale light extractors are produced directly on the glass, removing the need for a large silicone dome. The LED lighting industry today is dominated by LED packages which utilize a silicone or glass light extraction dome and COB or flat phosphor loaded silicone LED packages which trap light, reducing lumen output by 12 – 15%.

Due to the nonsequential behavior of light flow within an LED package, light will backreflect through TIR, rather than travel through materials that have a large difference in refractive index, such as the critical phosphor loaded composite to air interface. In order to keep luminous throughput as high as possible, common LED packages solve the light extraction, or “whispering gallery” rays problem by using a large silicone dome. The large silicone dome allows the light to approach the dielectric/air interface in a more local surface orthogonal manner increasing light extraction. One of the drawbacks however is that the large hemispherical dome magnifies the immersed LED chip sources making them appear up to 2x larger as seen by optical collimation systems. Light sources when magnified increase the complexity and size of the reflector required to produce the distributed solid angle to area conversion required for high intensity.

Illumination Machines specially designed wavelength-scale light extractors allow the light to extract efficiently to the air without a magnifying dome lens. IMAdvance offers the advantage of high luminance and high luminous efficacy at a lumen density which easily rivals comparable COB LED packages.

LED packages that produce both high luminance and luminous flux is one of the main challenges inhibiting performance within the MR16 and PAR38 size requirements. IMAdvance especially excels for applications requiring a high intensity narrow beam. Illumination Machines has developed an MR16, PAR38 and omni-directional A-19 lamp using IMAdvance.

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